Colleges in India

We cannot ignore the fact that India has a dynamic, mixed combinations of private, public, government aided, flourishing online universities, open universities and deemed universities/colleges/education institutions, etc…that are seemed to be growing, both in quality and standard, every year!

India is one of the countries that could be cited for a strong education background that exists, all the time. This had started from the earlier days of Nalanda University, which were at those periods, i.e. B.C. was one of the largest residential universities, which attracted students from all over the country.

Management Institutions

There are numerous colleges, universities, institutions, and business schools in India, thereby providing excellent educational services in the management category. Whenever, a thought about the management studies emerges, the business schools would be the center of attraction for anyone. Though the IIM’s would top the list of the oldest management institutions in India, there are also more than 1200 institutions and B-schools offering the two year MBA program in India. The top B-schools in India are Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, and many more…The students from these business institutions form the category of highly paid graduates in the country, as their average salary may rise up to 26.81 lakh rupees!

Engineering Colleges

In the engineering colleges, of course the IIT’s, BITS, Anna University, NIT’s and many more would be listed in the top best engineering colleges in the country. Each engineering college/university has a separate entrance examination in admitting the students into the college. Because of this, there are many nationalized/recognized engineering entrance examinations in the country. Thus, students knew that it is tough to get into the IIT’s, because of the quality and standard of the entrance examination and further, even in their syllabus pattern and the way of accomplishment is done in a standard way that every studious professional would aim for such colleges for their higher education.

Medical Colleges

Likewise in medical sector, the AIIMS, government medical colleges, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, etc… are known for its institution’s standard and its quality of education. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences had been established due to national importance by the national act of the parliament in the year 1956. It is considered as one of the best medical colleges in India, which has never failed till date in providing best treatments to its patients.

Open Universities

The open universities in India are governed and regulated by the standard organization, located in New Delhi, called as the Distance Education Council of India (DEC). The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) tops the list of open universities and it is the largest Indian university for distance education with 2.8 million students on roll; and has now become, one of the world largest open universities! There are also other renowned universities in the country for distance education, such as Annamalai University, ICFAI University, Mahatma Gandhi University, Osmania University, etc…

These categories that are being portrayed in here are not the only limited categories available in the country, as the categories of college education have seen tremendous growth according to the new emerging streams, like hospitality, architecture, fashion technology, hotel management, vocational education, etc… they are still growing and showing promising growth in enhancing the nation’s education strength, thereby inducing power in an individual’s life and career!

Top 3 Engineering Colleges

  1. IIT, Kharagpur
  2. IIT, Kanpur
  3. IIT, Bombay

Top 3 Medical Colleges

  1. AIIMS, Delhi
  2. AFMC, Pune
  3. CMC, Vellore

Top 3 Dental Colleges

  1. CDS, Manipal
  2. MAMC, Delhi
  3. Govt Dental College, Mumbai

Top 3 Law Colleges

  1. NLSIU, Bangalore
  2. NALSR, Hyderabad
  3. ILS, Pune

Top 3 Colleges For Social Work

  1. TISS, Mumbai
  2. DSSW, Delhi Univ
  3. MSSW, Chennai

Top 3 Architecture

  1. IIT, Roorkee
  2. SPA, Delhi
  3. Sir JJ College, Mumbai

Top 3 Mass Communication

  1. Xavier Inst, Mumbai
  2. ACJ, Chennai
  3. AJ Kidwai, Delhi

Top 3 Hotel Management Colleges

  1. IHM, Mumbai
  2. IHM, Aurangabad
  3. Welcome, Manipal