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  1. AKASH AGARWAL says:

    what’s the top ranking list of engineering colleges in uptu -2012?
    plz rply….

  2. nishant sahu says:

    i have 98202 general rank and 31619 category rank ,plz tell me which college can i get ,plz rply on my email

  3. avdeshtiwari says:

    i wana to know that my rank is 1800 in ip university and 8000 is all over rank .. i wana to know that which collage i can got


    i got 79590 in general rank ,can you please tell me which colledge can i get , plz reply on mu email id : [email protected]

  5. rahul singh says:

    my rank is 34000…plz send me whch coleges i takes admisson?

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  7. deoraj says:

    top 10 colleges in civil engineering

  8. sanjay singh says:

    whch clge cn I get by u.p.t.u gn rank 75001 nd bc rank 23457

  9. sanjay singh says:

    pls sm1 tl me 8430353860 u.p.t.u rank 75001 in o.b.c 23457 cn I get any gud college

  10. pavan gupta says:

    Only for me

  11. pavan gupta says:

    My general rank 46000 ….plz reply

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