Film Colleges

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  1. Hi there,
    We (CAYOVA.COM) are running a Sponsorship programme over five categories (Art,Fashion Design,Music,Literature and Film) with a total prize sponsorship fund of $50,000. The winner of each category will get $10,000 and can use the sponsorship money on a new project of his/hers or in a future endeavour in their area.
    We already have a considerable number of people from all around the world and would love if you could help getting India involved! It would be an excellent opportunity to promote Seasons too if anybody related to the website got through!
    I can answer any questions you might have just email me. I’ve attached the information about the competition and here is a link for more info:
    Kind Regards,
    Emily Reynolds
    Online Marketing
    Grange Offices
    Stillorgan Road
    Dublin 18

    “Cayova is the social network based on an attitude of personal empowerment”

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